In our business, quick turnaround time is crucial. That's why we rely on innovation to expedite property research. We use RapidDocâ„¢ for home refinancing, home equity loans, early payment defaults (EPDs) and overall quality control. As a result, RSI saves you time and money by providing factual, thorough reports faster than our competitors.

All we need is the name and address of your consumer. You will receive a comprehensive report, in any format you request, listing:

Verification of Owner(s)
Grantor/Grantee Names
Type of Deed
Document Recording, Date and Book
Legal Description
All Open Mortgages
Tax Liens
Abstracts of Judgment

Tax information, including:

  • Tax ID
  • Use of Property
  • Land Improvement
  • Improvement Valuation
  • Amount of Taxes
  • Due Date
  • Paid Through Date
  • Status of Taxes
  • Tax Exemptions

"RSI makes my job infinitely easier. They're experts at doing what I simply don't have the time to do."