RSI specializes in the generation of Property Research Reports, document retrieval and recordings for the Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado markets. In addition to our professionalism, prompt service and accuracy, we constantly strive to meet the individual needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing superior personalized customer service to every one of our clients.
RSI delivers industry leading Property Research Reports through RapidDocâ„¢, a faster and more accurate source for property information and document retrieval.
RSI also specializes in the retrieval of complete paper documents. Simply give us the name and address of your consumer, and our network of employees will retrieve Tax Liens, Abstracts of Judgment, Deeds of Trust, Assignments, Releases and Deeds as quickly as possible.
As an added convenience to our clients, RSI records Deeds and all related documents to the county clerk's office of the consumer's local courthouse.

"RSI makes my job infinitely easier. They're experts at doing what I simply don't have the time to do."